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XML Analyzing the Diameter Distribution of Juniperus excelsa M. Bieb Stands of Northeast Iran, Using Probability Distribution Functions
F. Sedighi, K. Taheri Abkenar *, A. Heidari Safari Kouchi
* Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Guilan, Entezam Square, Sowme`eh Sara, Guilan, Iran. Postal code: 4361996196
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XML Spatial and Temporal Water Quality Analysis of a Semi-Arid River for Drinking and Irrigation Purposes Using Water Quality Indices and GIS
D. Davoudi Moghaddam, A. Haghizadeh *, N. Tahmasebipour, H. Zeinivand
* Department of Watershed Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Lorestan University, Baharestan Street, Khorramabad, Iran. Postal code: 6815144316
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XML Effects of Ecological Factors on the Distribution of Artemisia melanolepis and Artemisia aucheri in Southeast of Sabalan, Iran
M. Molaei, A. Ghorbani *
* Natural Resources Department, Agriculture & Natural Resources Faculty, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, University Street, Ardabil, Iran. Postal Code: 5619911367.
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XML Socioeconomic Impacts of an International Carbon Sequestration Project on Rural Communities in Hossein Abad Ghinab, East of Iran
A. Gholami, A. Sadoddin *, M. Ownegh, M. Hossein Alizadeh, A. Yari
* Department of Watershed Management, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sci.& Natural Resources, Basij Sq., Gorgan, Golestan, Iran
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XML Quality of River Water for Irrigation and Drinking Uses and Sources of Contamination in Upper Catchment Areas
M. Heshmati *, M. Gheitury, M. Garibreza
* Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center, Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization, Keshavarz Street, Kermanshah, Iran.
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XML Relationship Between Ecological Species Groups and Environmental Factors in Fandoghlou Rangelands of Ardabil, Iran
S. Samadi Khangah, A. Ghorbani *, M. Moameri
* Postal Address: Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran
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XML Effect of Grazing Exclosure on Vegetation Characteristics and Soil Properties in the Mahabad Sabzepoush Rangelands, Iran
S. Samadi Khangah, A. Ghorbani *, M. Choukali, M. Moameri, M. Badrzadeh, J. Motamedi
* Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Daneshgah Street, Ardabil, Iran. Postal code: 5619913131
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