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XML The Consequences of Banqueting and Fire on Plant Functional Groups (Case Study: Atbatan Rangelands, Bostanabad County)
F. Faraji, A. Alijanpour *, E. Sheidai Karkaj, J. Motamedi
* West Azerbaijan province, Urmia, 11 km Road of Serow, Nazlu Pardis, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Urmia, Iran. Postal Code: 5756151818
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XML Comparison of Time Series Forecasting Techniques Applied for Water Quality Prediction in Southwest Iran
M. Sakizadeh *
* Environmental Sciences Department, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University, Tehran, Iran
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XML Evaluation of a Hierarchical Classification Method and Statistical Comparison with Pixel-Based and Object-Oriented Approaches
N. Behnia, M. Zare *, V. Moosavi, S.I. Khajeddin
* Department of Arid Lands Management, Faculty of Natural Resources and Eremology, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran. Postal code: 8915818411
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XML High Diversity and Endemism of Herpetofauna in the Zagros Mountains
S.M. Kazemi, M.S. Hosseinzadeh *
* Department of Biology, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran. Post Box: 97179-414
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XML Watershed Management Sciences and Engineering Conference in Iran: History and Highlights
Z. Hazbavi *, M. Kalehhouei
* University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Daneshgah Street, Ardabil, Iran. Postal Code: 56199-11367.
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XML Environmental Factors Affecting the Structural Trials and Biomass of Onobrychis aurea Bioss
J. Motamedi *, J. Afradi, E. Sheidai Karkaj, A. Alijanpour, I. Emadodin, Sh. Banej Shafiei, E. Zandi Esfahan
* Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands, Tehran, Iran, Postal Code: 1496813111.
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XML Chemical, Physical and Mineralogical Properties of Dust Fractions in the Kermanshah Province, Iran
B. Sekhavati, N. Sekhavati *
* Forestry & Forest Economics Department, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
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