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XML Prediction of Time to Failure in Creep Type Large-Scale Landslide
Z. Shoaei *, R. Emamjomeh
* 9th Km of Karaj Special Highway, Shafiee Street, Jalal Street, SCWMRI, Tehran, Iran. Post Code: 1389817635
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XML Effective Factors on Runoff Generation and Hydrologic Sensitivity in a Mountainous Watersheds (A Case Study: Farsan Watershed, Upstream of Karoun River)
A. Raeisi, A. Talebi *, Kh. Abdollahi, A. Torabi Haghighi
* Yazd University, Pazhouhesh Street, Safaieh, Yazd, Iran
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XML Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi as a Bio-Indicator for Monitoring Soil Attributes in Zagros Semi-Arid Woodlands
J. Mirzaei *, M. Heydari, M. Moradi, C.D Daniel
* Forest Science Department, Agriculture & Natural Resources Faculty, Ilam University, Pajohesh Street, Ilam, Iran.
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XML Comparison of Survival and Growth of Different Seed Origins of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in Arid Region of Mehran, Iran
J. Hosseinzadeh *, A. Tongo
* Forest Sciences Department, Agriculture Faculty, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran
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XML Predicting the Present and Future Distribution of Medusahead and Barbed Goatgrass in Iran
S.M. Mousavi Kouhi *, M. Erfanian
* Biology Department, Science Faculty, University of Birjand, University Boulevard, Birjand, Southern Khorasan, Iran. Postal Code: 9717434765
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XML Determinization of Environmental Factors Effects on Plants Production in QezelOzan-Kosar Rangelands, Ardabil Province Factors Effect on Rangelands Production
A. Ghorbani *, M. Moameri, F. Dadjou, S.A. Seyedi Kaleybar, A. Pournemati, Sh. Asghari
* : Natural Resources Department, Agriculture & Natural Resources Faculty, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, University Street, Ardabil, Iran. Postal Code: 5619911367
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XML Effect of Hydraulic Seeding Treatments on of Road Cut Slope
A. Parsakhoo, M. Mostafa *
* Agricultural & Natural Resources Research & Education Center, Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Sari, Iran. Postal Code: 4643372298
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